My good fit book is demon dentist and it’s about a boy that hates going to the dentist but when the new dentist comes weired things start happening and when he get a toothbrush from her I could scratch his teeth to nothingness and the toothpaste was like acid and could go through the bridge but It was everlasting it just kept coming and coming there is something very strange about this dentist but I don’t know what.

the picture story book I read was with nan and it’s about a boy and his nan on a bush walk and the find things you would not usually see in the bush they learn animals camoflage stratergies.

106 word challenge

“98,99,100!” Ready or not here I come!” I shout “Are they under the bed, no are they in the cupboard, no are they upstairs, no hmmm what about the basement?” I walk down the old stairs “found you Tilly!” I say ” oh and there’s Tianni under the stairs!” “Hey Guys theres a jar that says lollies want some?” Tianni asks “yeah ok!” we both reply at the same time but when she opened the lid, no it wasn’t anything scary it was not lollies “Ewwww yuck, want one?” Tianni says ” ummmm no thanks Tianni I think we are ok.”Matilda and I say “Let’s leave now” says Matilda.


100 word challenge

Dear Diary,

I’m going to Grandpa’s house today also the formula one race is on today. Now I’m at Grandpa’s he house is awesome well the outside dose suck it looks like a cottage but the inside it just WOW!! Theres Grandpa on the couch waiting for us and the race to start ”hey Grandpa!” I call ”Hey dave.” the race is about to start hey dave did you know I raced in formula one once? ”You did?” I say ”yep, but there was a crash I was to scared to race again I raced in Melbourne.” Says Grandpa.


By Sienna.


Hi my name is Sienna,

My hobbies and things I like are…

Art and Drawing.

I have 5 pets ginger the guinea pig and a duck that we call Duck-duck And 3 chickens my one is called Afro because it has a big Afro!!!

My favourite animals are…

Zebras and polar bears.

And I have 1 annoying sister.

Hello world!

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